Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Educational and Career Goals

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What a life? The only question that fills my mind with uncertainty is that of who I am. This life leaves no time for family and true romance. It involves all effort and time. If education should get in the way, it too would have to be sacrificed. One thing is for sure though, no matter what it takes, I will achieve my goals with the help of my friends and family.

Everyone has expectations of what their life will consist of in the future. My career is very important to me. I hope to set my occupational and educational goals and not have to ever look back or start over. My job is something that I want to strive for and put all my time and energy into. I would hate to begin an occupation and then five years down the road decide that it’s not right for me. I approach life now, after a year has gone by, with a new outlook. There is a time and place in life for everything. As I recollect all

that has occurred this year I think of the many changes that I, as a person have undergone. I realize that I don’t have to choose between things in life. If I want something bad enough, I will get it. This year I was able to decide what I want to be and who I am. There are major points that are essential to my career and me.

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Academically, I will continue to strive to put forth all of my effort into my classes. I will challenge myself, and work hard at what does not come easy. My goal is to do the best I can and to have fun as I do it. I will focus more on my career decisions than my instincts and passions. Support from my wonderful family has helped also. Their encouragement has kept me strong through the hard times and good times.

Secondly, I want to be involved in something that I really enjoy doing. Over the years I have learned that any job I have had that consisted of something that I enjoyed doing lasted for a long duration. On the other hand, if I disliked the work, no matter what the other circumstances were, the time that I was there was very short-lived. When I look at something that I am going to be doing for a good part of my life it must be enjoyable to me. I dont want to be one of those people who come home from work everyday unhappy, and dreading the next day. My occupation must be stable, and if I hate what I am doing, it is definitely not going to be stable.

My profession must give me financial security. Money isnt everything, but it is surely important. I feel that making an adequate income is something that can only help matters. However, in todays world people are entirely too wrapped up in their bank accounts. I view money as only one aspect of life while it seems to me that others view it as everything. I think that if I am financially secure, I will be less focused on how I can get more money, and more focused on everything else life has to offer.

My personal life will be the last determining factor as to what I am to be ten years from now. As I look at the year of school ahead of me I know that I want to be able to discover all of myself. I want to be able to develop my weaknesses into strengths. I want to experience freedom and try new things. This year I want to search and discover who I really am and where I fit in the scheme of life. Confusion and too many decisions fill my mind right now. I want to be able to sort them out slowly and make the best decisions.

In conclusion, being a new mom, and a single mom at that, comes with much responsibility at the same time with excitement. I hope to overcome some obstacles that may come my way, while I am trying to achieve my goals. When I receive my diploma from University of Phoenix in Business Management, which I’m sure I will, it will be a great reward and a great asset for me. But it won’t stop there, I’m sure the future holds a lot for me.

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